A list of webpages I recommend and regularly visit.


The Dissolve

A very good film site that includes new review as well as analysis of older movies.

Thumbnails (Roger Ebert)

A similar idea with sometimes the same articles. But the thumbnails also include a picture and a video of the day, which are sometimes excellent.


The Incomparable

A great podcast about movies, comics, books, TV and other geeky stuff. The analysis is often deep and excellent, while still entertaining and funny. I especially like the host Jason Snell's view on things.

How Did This Get Made?

A podcast about bad movies. The three main hosts (and one guest, sometime semi-famous people) discuss a bad movie which they often hate. It's quite funny even if some picks are surprising.


Excellent film analysis, always spoiler-free and too short.

This American Life

Stories about people, almost always interesting, fascinating, thought-provoking.

KCRW's The Business

Kim Masters talks to people from the movie industry about different topics. It's so good because she knows how to ask the right questions. Very insightful look behind the scenes.

Slate Spoiler Special

Dana Stevens, the movie critic from Slate Magazine, talks with a guest about movies and spoils them. I often don't agree with Stevens' opinion but still enjoy her observations a lot.

Drive to Work

Mark Rosewater, the head designer of Magic: The Gathering, talks about Magic, design and other things on his way to work. Certainly more enjoyable for people who play the game, but I learned a lot from him about design and creativity that I can use in school and in my writing.

The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith

Jeff Goldsmith interviews mostly screenwriters about their work and it's very insightful because he asks great questions. Any illusions you might had about screenwriting are often shattered by writers themselves.


Screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin talk about screenwriting and movies and it's always great to listen to their divisive comments.

TV Talk Machine

TV critic Tim Goodman and Jason Snell talk about everything going on in television.


Criminal cases that are never conventional and almost always tell us something about ourselves.

News, Politics, History and Media

Democracy Now

A very good alternative news site that discusses topics the mainstream media tends to ignore.

Global Research

A good alternative news site that discusses topics the mainstream media tends to ignore (with an unneccesary tendency for conspiracies).


An excellent German blog that dissects the falsifications and manipulations of the omnipowerful BILD but also regularly posts a selection of great articles on journalism and media.

History Is a Weapon

A wonderful site that collects counter-culture and revolutionary texts and articles that cast a different light on our culture. Most importantly it features the complete "A People's History of the United States" by Howard Zinn, which is one of the most important books you can read if you want to see things differently.