Skyline (2010)


Skyline is a really unspectacular and boring movie that I can’t really say much about in terms of a review. Don’t watch it, you’ll fall asleep seeing people standing around in a murky apartment looking out of the window at decent-looking special effects.


Anyway, there is one scene that struck me in its awkardness. The movie is set in L.A., supposedly showing Hollywood folk having a party (it’s never entirely clear what anyone is actually doing). To have some fun, one guy puts up a telescope hooked to the TV to spy on neighbors having sex, which then everyone at the party can make fun of. They find someone and freak out already. Then there’s a reveal showing it’s actually a gay couple (the movie is so coy that you never see more than two men sitting on a couch, they don’t even kiss). Here’s how the people react: The soundtrack provides the noise of about 30 people screaming “Oh God!”, “No!” and making barfing noises. It's surprising that no one actually throws up. Obviously, the idea of a gay couple freaks out and disgusts this party of adults completely. Well, there’s nothing like a nice short and totally random attempt at homophobia. The good thing is that you never feel sorry for anyone in this movie getting killed by aliens.