Student Looks at Teacher

Here she comes. Damn, I hoped she was late today. Why can’t she be late? It’s not like we can’t wait a bit longer to start the lesson. It’s not like anyone cares. Including her. That’s why she is so late so often, right? She probably has better things to do than teaching us. And we certainly have better things to do as well. Oh, look at her, she didn’t prepare anything again and just checks the textbook to see what she can do today. She didn’t prepare at all! And she never does. Why should we care about any of this shit if she obviously doesn’t? Such a waste of time. And I can’t look at my phone because she’ll confiscate it right away because she has the power. It’s so stupid.

Oh right, now she gets angry because we’re not listening. Why the fuck would we listen to this? We will never need this again. Wait, of course, now she uses the ultimate threat: a test. She wants to write a test about it, so that we listen. Great. Doesn’t she see how desperate that makes her look? I mean, not that she cares about her looks very much. Anyway, a test does not make any topic more interesting and no one more interested in anything. It forces us to study the stupid stuff and do they even know what that means for us? That we have to study for every single subject because every teacher writes a surprise test every two weeks? Plus the exams. Which means we are studying all the time, if we want to have any chance at some good grades, which according to those same teachers, is what we really need if we want any chance for a decent future. Why they make it so fucking hard for us to get to that future is beyond me. What do we achieve by studying all the stuff just for the tests and the exams? On top of all the homework we get every day. Or the presentations we have to prepare that no one ever needs. We are flooded with all that work, meaning we have basically no free time. Oh, and just for extra fun, we get tons of things to do for the holidays too, because why would we want to not think of school for a while? Which wouldn’t be so bad, if I didn’t have to look at her now, with no plan or concept but also with no ambition or motivation. This is what I sacrifice my free time for? My youth? My love life? Can’t I wait with that until I have a shitty job I hate? Like my teacher there?

I wonder if they think about us, not in terms of work or annoying kids that make their job hard, but as people who want to enjoy their lives. I mean, we don’t like this, she doesn’t like this, why are we doing this charade? It’s not for our sake, no matter how much they pretend, but it’s also not for their sake really, so why? Seriously, why? Man, school really sucks. Thanks for adding to that, ma’am!